Nova Scotia Herpetofaunal Atlas

Pickerel Frog (photo courtesy of Jim Wolford)

 Species Identification Guide

1) Adults
A copy of the Herp Atlas ID guide plus links to other sites

2) Adults
Confusing Species
3) Eggs
A new guide for identifying reptile and amphibian eggs.
4) Tadpoles
A new guide for identifying salamander larvae and frog tadpoles.

Searching for herps? Some stages are easier to find than others:

Yellow-spotted Salamander - Breeding adults and eggs
Blue-spotted Salamander - Breeding adults
Redback Salamander - Adults
Four-toed Salamander - Breeding adults
Red-spotted Newt - Breeding adults
American Toad - Calling adults
Spring Peeper - Calling adults
Wood Frog - Calling adults, eggs
Leopard Frog - Calling adults
Pickerel Frog - Calling adults
Mink Frog - Calling adults
Green Frog - Calling adults, tadpoles
Bullfrog - Calling adults, tadpoles
All snakes - Adults
All turtles - Adults

1) Adults: Copy of the Herp Atlas ID guide plus links to other sites
The following links are scanned images of the water-resistant, non-tearable identification guide prepared to aid atlassers in determining what species they have seen.  It also contains a description of habitat terms and information on the status of Nova Scotia's herps.  All atlassers will receive a copy of the guide once they have registered.  This guide was funded by the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists.  The photographs by Ron Merrick, and the water colours by Fred Scott, are courtesy of the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.  Graphic Design by Neil Meister. Please visit the photogallery for additional pictures of each species.
Salamanders and Newt
Frogs and Toad

Snakes and Turtles

Habitat and Status


2) Adults: Confusing Species

1) Green Frog versus Bullfrog
2) Green Frog versus Mink Frog
3) Leopard Frog versus Pickerel Frog
4) Redbelly Snake versus Ringneck Snake
5) Northern Ribbon Snake versus the Maritime Garter Snake
6) Blue-spotted Salamander versus the leadback phase of the Redback Salamander
7) Identifying Turtles: Undersides

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