Nova Scotia Herpetofaunal Atlas

Green Frog (photo courtesy of Jim Wolford)
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Status of target squares
Check out the number of species remaining to be found in a target square here . This map is updated regularly.

The Map Search Bug Solved   (posted October 30, 2001)
The map search capabilities can be accessed by anyone interested in monitoring the progress of the project.  Currently, the map will display the number of species found in each square based on a number of criteria (atlasser, mapbook square, historic versus atlased records etc.).  There is a bug in the mapping program that causes the number of species in a few of the squares to be over counted by 1 or 2 species.   

We have figured out the main problem with overcounting in the mapbook squares - any species with more than one colour phase or morph gets counted as two separate species. Mapbook squares are only affected when both morphs are spotted in the same square. The following species are involved:

Blue-spotted Salamander/triploid female

Eastern Redback Salamander/all-red phase

Maritime Gartern Snake/melanistic phase


One other problem also exists:

1) Non-native turtles inflate the number of species observed but do not count for square completion.


For squares where both morphs of these species occur, please continue to compare the number of species given on the map to the number shown in the table (i.e. count the number of species displayed in the table) before concluding whether or not a square has been completed.  Thanks for your patience!



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